Are you a medical student and you want to open a hospital or a medical center? But you think that there are a lot of requirements of opening it, the fact is yes, it requires a lot of paperwork and registration, it has to be affiliated from a lot of places, it requires a lot of places and it needs a lot of insurances. Because people will be coming here to get treated and if anything goes wrong, your medical center will be closed for good. So, you need careful planning and a business plan to make your options strong. Speaking of business plan, you will need a good business plan in opening a medical center. 

A business is a set of questions that you need to ask for yourself and you need to ask that what kind of treatments will you doing? Like; will you be just doing the treatment of skin, or will you be doing treatment of broken bones or will your medical center will do all sorts of treatment? The answer to these questions highly depends on your skills and the type of doctors you hire. You should also think that should you build a very high standard or should be just normal! Here people get confused thinking that it is being said about the fee or charges but here we are talking about the rooms and waiting lounges; should they be big and they must have TV and all sorts of appliances or should be a traditional one, with no TV and it should be of standard size.

If you got answers to these, then you must come down to the money part. Here we will talk about the finances, that how much you will need to start a medical clinic. Starting a small clinic can cost you up to 30,000 AED so, you can well imagine and starting a medical center will double and if you want to give good quality of rooms and a huge parking space, then you will have to invest triple of that amount. If you are looking to start a big medical center, you should have a look at different medical centers in motor city and they there are hundreds of people who go there because they provide the services of best Botox in Dubai.