What comes to your mind when you think about marketing? Well marketing is tool to boost your product in the market and can target the right audience. Marketing has tools are that companies use to develop and promote their products and services. Well tools refer to the techniques, materials and strategies that are used to promote the products. Different business use different marketing tools such as direct mail, advertising, and market research to boost their sale in the market. Some companies use marketing tools for boosting their sale and some just focus on gathering the customer data.

Moreover, it is very important to know that which tools is best for your company. You can say that which tool would be good for you to achieve your goals and for objectives. Some business use custom software development in Dubai and these software also use in sms marketing in UAE. This is the latest tool of marketing which you can use for your product and can make reach your message to your customers. Same like that here are many more marketing tools that can engage you with your clients easily. But before selecting tool you need to determine that which marketing tool would be good for you that would boost your business. Let’s talk about different types of marketing tools.

Classified ads

Classified adverts are useful for generating customer. In this tool classified ads can direct people on specific website or webpage. They also attract people who are seeking further information.

Social media marketing

This is one of the most important marketing tools in the world. Because everyone using social media app such as facebook, twitter, whatspp and instgram. So marketing through social media is easy to interact with your customers directly. It builds your relation with your customer. And you can get also feedback about your services and products. You can provide the brief information about your product even can share your product images. You can also blogging, sharing, posting and tweeting on social media websites.


Through surveys you can determine that which product you should launch in the market. Who are the competitors in the market, what are the facilities they are giving to their clients. What is the lacking of your competitor? Or what kind of new products people want in the market. These surveys also useful for you if you want to rate your products in the market.