A wedding cake is a symbol of every marriage ceremony. Just like everything has a history and roots so, does wedding cakes. Wedding were used to be very simple back in the days with simple church, some people as guests and small arrangement of food for the guests. But now one must have the best wedding dress, latest decoration and the best wedding cakes. There is a lot of competition and people sometimes run out of ideas and some bakers or vendors charge extra for different and exclusive ideas. But if you want to generate unique ideas of your own you should look back to the past because vintage is becoming back again.

Instead of searching deep into the internet for history, in this article you will find all the history and details which will help you in coming up with an idea. First cakes are aid to be made in the ancient Rome where in marriages they had scone-like cakes which were made up of barley and wheat. And after the vows ended, guest used to break the cake into pieces and throw the cake on bride’s head for fertility and luck. And the couple used to eat some of the cake as their first meal together. This tradition was done back in 45 C.E and this was the time when the Romans conquered the British and the British took this ceremony further.

The English people took this trend a little further, where the couple had to kiss the over the cake which was made up of wheat and if the kiss was successful without the cake falling, it was said to be a successful marriage. So, couples used to practice this tradition.

But there were people who wanted meat in everything even in cakes, so the first cake made up of meat was made up of lamb testicles, oysters, rooster meat, throat meat of rooster and kernels of pine.

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