Aging is the cycle of life and it is very natural for some changes to occur with it. When a person starts to get old, they tend to forget certain things which is normal but if the forgetfulness and memory loss exceeds certain limits, it can something serious to worry about. In such stage of life, people should know and understand that their elder ones could require extra care and support which can be found at elderly mental health care homes. Even though you may not be ready for it, but the following symptoms means you should get ready:

  • Changes in daily routine

When a person gets old, they tend to forget a lot of things but when it is something serious, you will see some evident changes in their routine. It will be hard for them to maintain their garden and yards, they won’t be able to dress up properly because they won’t be able to comprehend the look.

  • Low mental capacity

People who suffer from such illness are often conflicted with their thoughts. When it comes to making big decisions, they won’t be able to choose what’s best, their confusion will cloud the mind in return of which they will ask several questions before finally settling on an answer. Their concentration will often be diverted and this will cause many problems to the inmates living with them.

  • Changes in weight

You may feel like your grandma is fraying away or has suddenly gained weight. This all is mainly due to the fact that that their appetite would change. Changes would be very subtle but need to be controlled as some may over eat while other won’t eat at all. Only a professional will be able to determine what should be their eating schedule and how to handle the tantrums. This all can be very effectively done at care homes only if you are fine with the option.

  • Different physical illness and diseases

Sometimes when elder ones say that they are having a headache, backache or suffering from constipation, you need to know that it is the psychological effect that their body is dealing with. Don’t worry as this can all be easily solved without any troubles.