It is quite strange that every person in the world wants to look smart and fit but doesn’t like to work for it. Perhaps we don’t want to do efforts and want to do it the easy way? That’s the irony most people face today. Remember – there are no shortcuts to success and health in life. If you want both, you are going to have to work for acquiring them. Just as you worked hard to achieve success in career, same will be the case to achieve proper health. In fact, you might find changing your unhealthy routine difficult for a number of reasons. First of all, one needs to learn that attaining health is not as easy as it sounds. You need to do certain things and do them consistently so that you stay fit for the rest of your life. Here is more on where to start your effort to achieve better health:


Start your fitness efforts by changing the diet. It should be the first step as your dietician may have told you. Doing so will not only make you quit the unhealthy foods you have been consuming for so long, it will likely replace it with healthy ones. Keep in mind that you need to follow the plan given by the dietician so that you don’t end up in some self-observed, useless diet plan that never works.

Be persistent

Your determination to stay fit and smart is the key to your health and the results will prove it right. Consistency is something that can help bring unique changes in your life, but you have to persist on consuming what is good for you and what is not. This way, you will likely stick to eating healthy foods only and will avoid those full of carbs and calories. Remember, changing your diet routine is not a onetime thing and you might find some amendments in it. the dietician will amend it so let it be and just follow the schedule tenaciously no matter how difficult it may sound.

Before doing – listen

Your dietician is someone who has years of practice in the field so he knows what you should consume and what not. It is up to you to listen, and stick to what he asks you to do. It makes little sense to go back to your unhealthy routine after a few months else your effort will go waste.