Gynecologist is a person who will take care of women who are expecting to give birth. The main duties of a gynecologist are that he/she makes sure that they mother is safe and healthy and so is the baby as well. It is said that each year over 40,000 men and woman gynecologist graduate every year and this is a number of a big city only but again a single gynecologist has to deliver more than one baby in a single day. 

To say that each baby should have gynecologist for themselves, then just like babies are born every minute, this means that every minute there should be a gynecologist graduating and joining a duty. Being a gynecologist means that you will be praised by millions of people each day and that number always increases. Because you will be doing a favor for humanity as well. A fresh gynecologist can earn up to 100,000 AED a year and a professional gynecologist can earn more than 300,000 AED per year, making it the most successful career of all times. 

This all sounds very amazing but if you personally ask a gynecologist about their lives, they will sound very miserable because we interviewed some and this is what they said. They said that they have a very emotional job because there are many cases where you have to choose one. There are women who have complications and the gynecologist can either save one, the mother or the child, and that is the toughest decision for a family and a gynecologist as well. The gynecologists said that actually don’t have a life of their own. They can get a call at any time and any minute of the day and even at night. And even if it is their holiday and they are in the same city as the hospital, and they get a call to come in immediately, they do. Because it is their duty towards humanity as well.

There are times when they have to instruct the other doctors via skype or any other video calling application as well. It is a very stressful job, one gynecologist said, because you have to deal with complicated cases at most times and complicated cases take a lot of time in the operation theatre. But the ones in UAE are the best and they know which vitamin drip in Dubai is best to stabilize the women’s health instantly.

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