If you are renovating your kitchen, then you must have come across many articles that tell you about the different things to be considered before choosing luxury lighting in Dubai. However, you must be wondering what are factors that you need to consider and how can you find the right kind of lighting that suits your kitchen. In this article, I will discuss these factors, and I will also see here how you can choose the right lighting for your kitchen.

Location of the kitchen

The first factor is the location of the kitchen. This factor is the most important because you must have a clear idea about the magnitude of the space in which you want to install lighting. If you have a spacious kitchen then you can use almost all the lights available, but if the area is small then you must limit yourself to using the special lights. The choice of lighting depends upon the space availability and on the mood; you want to create in the kitchen.

The theme of your kitchen

The second factor is the theme of your kitchen. When you renovate your kitchen, you must be sure about the color scheme that you want to adopt. The colors you choose for your kitchen must go well with the other furniture in the kitchen or else it will spoil the overall effect and it would make your kitchen look messy.

Size of the kitchen

The third factor that is worth considering is the size of the kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, you can use almost all kinds of lights. However, if you have a large kitchen you must use lights only that help you to see to the corners of the room, and if you have many islands, then you can use floodlights along the edges of the islands. If you have large kitchens or lots of rooms, you can use a combination of lights.

You can see that the location and the size of your kitchen are the key factors that determine the kind of lights you will need to install. You should install the light at least one hundred feet from the edges of the kitchen. You should avoid installing more than one light at a single place. Apart from this, you must avoid installing any extra lights outside the kitchen near the corners. If you have installed additional lights outside the kitchen, and they become bright and illuminate the area, it might spoil the look of the kitchen.