Chinese culinary has a distinctive taste and style to it which makes it most loveable for everyone all around the world. The whole idea of Chinese food is to place emphasis on fresh ingredients, dark sauces and textured food with tastes which perfectly blend in together. If you want to try replicating best Chinese food delivery Abu Dhabi then we believe you need to try out the following cooking methods:

  • Stir frying

Probably one of the most obvious and loved cooking methods is stir frying where the ingredients are tossed together in the pan and cooked but this is just one of the many different cooking methods out there. Stir frying is loved by most because it captivates the flavours a great way and maintains the crispy texture of veggies and meat.

  • Deep frying

Deep frying refers to the method of frying most of the meats in a level of oil which is enough for the ingredient to completely drown in it. This is different from stir frying because stir frying contains only minimal amount of oil while the whole idea of deep frying is to have loads of oil. Most of the foods cooked through this method have a coating on it which gives the food a crisp texture.

  • Steaming

Steaming is considered to be one of the healthiest cooking methods out there because it stores the nutrients in the ingredients. In the traditional Chinese cooking method, utensils used for steaming would be bamboo steamers stacked on one another making it easier to cook several dishes at the same time which doesn’t only save time but fuel too. In order to ace this cooking method you will need loads of practice.

  • Boiling

Whenever we think of the word boil, only soup dishes come to the mind – rightfully so. There are so many amazing soup dishes which you can consider cooking with the boiling method because it is the easiest but also one of the most time consuming methods out there. You are supposed to chop of all the veggies and meat to be cooked in slow steamy process. The ingredients turn out to be tender and saucy which is exactly what we are aiming for in here.

Or just skip this all and directly call for Asian food online delivery and enjoy your effortlessly tasty meals.