Vertical farming is the future of farming because of its benefit. It is easy to build vertical farms at home because less investment is required in these farms and it does not require large amount of land. It can be started in small land too. Vertical farming includes techniques of hydroponics or aeroponics. 

Domestic vertical farming:

Due to the benefits of vertical farming, many experiments have been performed to discover the methods of domestic vertical farming. You will need some building materials and bottles to make vertical farm at home. 

Because of increasing demand of fresh vegetable suppliers in UAE, vertical farming in Dubai is increasing day by day. 

Before making a vertical farm at your home, you must have to plan the map of your vertical farm at your home. Take some bottles of equal size and cut their bottom and then fill them with mixture of dirt and manure. Then connect all the bottles with funnel and then add seeds in these bottles. Your vertical farm is ready for your home. 

Techniques used for vertical farms:


It provides the facility of growth of plants without soil. So it can be used for domestic vertical farming. This technique allows the plants to grow in nutrient rich solution and less amount of water is used in these plants. Plant roots are kept in the solution which is full of nutrients and water. An equal and balanced amount of water and nutrients is provided to plants in this technique. 

But this method requires some extra care because the solution that you make should be perfect if you want to grow plants in a proper way. 


You can also use this technique for domestic vertical farming. In this technique, plants grow in less nutrients and in minimum amount of water. In this technique, 90% less amount of water is used than conventional farming. The vegetables produced by this method are more fresh, healthy and rich in nutrients. 


An ecosystem is created in this technique. Fish and plants both are kept in same indoor ponds. Due to this, water becomes more rich and plants produced by this method are rich in nutrients. The water can also be recycled so this method has some extra benefits as water does not waste in this method.