Wedding planning Dubai is an art and not everyone can do that. People need to do diplomas and a lot of practice to become the expert in this field. They need to observe other wedding planners that how they are working on their different projects and then they should also generate their own ideas in this regard. An important thing to remember always is that there should be no copied work. If you copy someone else’s work then people will come to know about that and they may avoid hiring you. Taking an idea and copying it as it is are two different things. You need to take the idea only and then do it with your own creative thinking. In wedding functions people can arrange wedding flowers in Dubai in so many different ways, some of them are as follows:

Bouquets: There are different kinds of bouquets are used in weddings. One of the most important is the bouquet of the bride. There should be beautiful flowers related to the theme of the wedding in that bouquet and when there are bride maids then they also need to have flower bouquet in their hands but these should be different from the bride’s bouquet. Also you can place bouquets on the tables with different styles. You can add them in round shape or in the shape of baskets also you can add them as the roof hangings above the table so that people can enjoy their presence when they eat.

On table: Some people like to have flowers on their tables but they often like it in different styles. Some need to have in bouquet form and some want to have them placed around the small frames with some beautiful quotes inside the frame. For this a wedding planner need to ask from the clients when they book the event. They should get all the details and everything should be according to details told by the client so that there will be happy customers at the end of the event. Also you will get more clients when people see your décor in different weddings. There is another idea to décor table is to place glasses with candles inside them but make sure that the glasses are strong enough to bear heat.