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Cooperativa de Pescadores de Tarcoles, R.L. (COOPETARCOLES R.L.)

Cooperativa de Pescadores de Tarcoles, R.L. (COOPETARCOLES R.L.)Country:Costa Rica
To share the experiences of responsible artisanal fishing in Tarcoles, showing the national and international population that fish workers do their work with honor and responsibility.
To maintain responsible fishing through time providing with a worthy way of life that contributes to maintaining the biological and cultural marine resources while improving the living conditions of our fishermen.



  • To improve the living conditions of their members and fishermen in general.
  • To contribute that their members keep on practicing fishing in a responsible way.
  • To establish a marine area for responsible fishing in Tarcoles which helps stopping the decrease in the fishing activity


Federación Nicaragüense de Pescadores Artesanales, R.L. (FENICPESCA)

Federación Nicaragüense de Pescadores Artesanales, R.L. (FENICPESCA)Country:Nicaragua
To become a participatory organization which share a common core of values to achieve environmental, democratic, and economic sustainability and solidarity with social equity goals; acting as an interlocutor at a national level and providing our members with representation, incidence and capacity building.
To represent the interests and expectations of the artisanal fishing sector in Nicaragua, through diverse, innovate and high quality strategies and lines of action in order to strengthen the capacities of the federation in the political, social, environmental, service and economical arena.

  • To represent the interests of the artisanal fishing sector by maintaining a permanent political representation participating in the decision making processes that affect the sector.
  • To develop the technical and organizational capacities necessary to support the sustainable development of the artisanal fishing sector.
  • To develop productive projects with a focus on the value chain that includes the commercialization of fish products, counting with an important participation of women.

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Environmental Management and Economic Development Organization (EMEDO)


Environmental Management and Economic Development Organization (EMEDO)Country:Tanzania
With a dedicated, competent, and hard working team EMEDO is committed to strengthen communities´ capacities in fighting poverty.
EMEDO envisages seeing rural communities with improved livelihoods living in sustainably managed environment.


  • To initiate, conduct and monitor an analysis of the present situation, in order to help communities organize themselves and influence the decision making process in matters pertaining their lives.
  • To strengthen communities (especially women) capacities in managing the environment and diversifying sources of income to improve their livelihoods.
  • To promote girls access to primary education in the fishing communities.

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Kenya National Fisherfolk Association (KENAFA)


Kenya National Fisherfolk Association (KENAFACountry:Kenya
To bring fishers together to address their issues and maximize benefits from the fishing industry.
To see enlightened fisher folk who can make informed choices on fishing and sustainability.


  • To empower the fisherfolk
  • To promote sustainable development
  • To get involved in policy research to enable fisherfolk to make informed decisions.



National Coordinating Organization for Farmer Association (NACOFAG)


National Coordinating Organization for Farmer Association (NACOFAG)Country:Gambia
To enable the members to be responsible for the management, development, protection and conservation of the marine and inland fisheries resources and their sustainable exploitation and utilization in order to achieve our national development objectives.
To achieve sustainable production of fish for food security, income, and trade on high-value domestic and foreign markets.


  • To Increase sustainable production of artisanal fisheries for food security, income, and trade.
  • To create employment opportunities and skills for under privileged Gambians and non Gambians.
  • Improvement of institutional capacity and strengthening of the legal framework for the management of the fisheries sector.

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National Association of Small Boat Owners (NASBO)

National Association of Small Boat Owners (NASBO)Country:Iceland
To increase the fishing rights of the small scale fleet, and work on all related issues for NASBO´s members
To have authorities recognize the importance of the small scale fisheries in context with economic, social and environmental aspects.

  • Increase fishing rights for NASBO´s members.
  • Inform the public about the benefits of the small scale fisheries
  • Assume a leading role in the international fishing sector arena

Consorcio por la mar R.L.

Consorcio por la mar R.L.Country:Costa Rica
To be an innovative consortium that shares the responsible artisanal fishermen work, as a dignified way of life that contributes to the biological and cultural conservation of coastal and marine resources as something of benefice for our families.
To share the experiences and knowledge concerning responsible artisanal fishing in Tarcoles, showing to the national and foreign visiting people that fish workers work with honor and responsibility.


  • To strengthen the capacities of artisanal fishing communities.
  • To develop actions to promote responsible artisanal fishing.
  • To develop activities oriented towards communitary marine tourism.

Tunisian Association for the Development of Artisanal FisheriesATDEPA

Country: Tunisia

Vision:   Contribution to improving the sustainable livelihoods of artisanal fishing communities in accordance with the ecosystem they operate and to contribute positively to improve the integration of these communities to the dynamics that affect them directly, particularly the management of fisheries and coastal development.


  • Organize activities, meetings and the publication of studies and the media about the objectives of the Association,
  • The use of eco-labels for fish products and to cooperate with associations and similar organizations in Tunisia and abroad,
  • Periodic initiation of discussions on industrial fishing to bring their concerns and problems in the consciousness of populations, civil society organizations and policy makers,
  • With the emergence of autonomous organizations can make their own control of their destiny and protect the interests of fishing communities.


  • Achieve socio-economic projects to benefit small-scale fishermen to local development and improvement of their income in order to minimize the causes of poverty, marginalization and exclusion
  • Contribute to the development of artisanal fisheries sector in the implementation of projects based on technical guidelines for responsible fishing with the ecosystem approach
  • Contribute to the implementation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and to work to improve sector governance
  • Inculcate the values of citizenship among the artisanal fishermen and to encourage informed participation and responsible, without the tutelage of any external party, in all matters relating to the future of their professional activities.


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