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Members of the WFF are those organizations that comply with the objectives set out in Article 2 of the constitution. Only one national organization per country may be a member. Such organizations must be democratically constituted and may be included, but not be limited to, trade unions, associations, federations of cooperatives and aboriginal nations dependent on the fishery for their livelihoods. Members must represent one or more of the groups set out below:

Fish Harvesters, i.e. any person directly engaged in fishing known in different countries as:


  1. Subsistence fishers;
  2. Artisanal fishers;
  3. Aboriginal or indigenous peoples who are fish harvesters;
  4. Traditional; costal fishers
  5. Independent owner- operators;
  6. Crew members in this sector.

Crew members of fishing units other than those mentioned above and those who are presently listed under subsection a).
Broadly based (mass-based) organizations of fishing community women engaged in work in support of the fishery.
Fish workers who are engaged in activities related to the processing, sale (excluding merchants) of transport of fish.

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Apply for membership to the WFF by completing the WFF data capture format. Only the coordination Committee of the WFF may admit new members. In exceptional cases, the Coordination Committee may while respecting the objectives set out in Article 2 of the constitution, admit as an active member more than one national group per country if the organization represents a significant proportion of the groups or one of the groups listed in subsection a) to d) of Article 3 of the constitution.
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